Art of the Public Apology


Why is it that people automatically associate public apologies on behalf of business with Public Relations? That’s not all we do.

Granted, it does have a lot to do with what PR professionals have to deal with.  When a crisis erupts, one of the first things we have to do as a professional is respond to it.  This usually entailed a public apology to the media; nowadays it will probably entail responses to the various social media sites that your business is affiliated with.

The fact of the matter is, that we as professionals have to be good at apologizing.  Not saying that we have to be good at “covering our ass,” but at genuinely figuring out the problem, seeing what went wrong and what could have gone better, and addressing the public about it.  People make mistakes.  Businesses make bigger mistakes.  People learn from their mistakes and in most cases come back stronger than they were before.

I’m not saying that for every little thing that goes wrong we have to continuously apologize, but we have to understand the art behind a good image and repairing and maintaining that good image.

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